Ph.D., Art Historian and Critic

Rafael Soriano | Other Worlds Within
A Sixty Year Retrospective

“Like late Titian, Rembrandt, and Velázquez, certain aspects of Rothko and the very best work of Szyszlo and Morales, Soriano’s painting reflects a transcendent concern.  His paintings are meditative moments where allusive, biomorphic forms move within fantastic spaces, projecting a journey of mythic proportions.  His diaphanous color, always shifting and fluid, has the ability to emotionally suggest a universe of struggle and victory, rescue and salvation.”

Alejandro Anreus, Ph.D. is a professor of art history and Latin American/Latino Studies at William Paterson University.

“Rafael Soriano: A Painter’s Painter,” Rafael Soriano:  Other Worlds Within, A Sixty Year Retrospective (The Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, 2011), 14.