Art Critic and Author

“Rafael Soriano: Claroscuro, color y disciplina” El Colombiano Medelin

“Color, light, and shadows have been his constants.  His early harsh forms softened their edges, but their luminosity remained inviolate.  Flat surfaces deepened, and  an imaginative interplay of volumes, difficult to identify at times, took over the content of his paintings, now based in a technique of veilings and transparencies that have proved indispensable for creating a cryptic atmosphere inhabited by creatures, or fragments of creatures, that we should ascribe…to the world of ectoplasm…What Soriano does is paint, period.  He doesn’t illustrate ideas, doesn’t describe, doesn’t symbolize.”

José Gómez Sicre. “Rafael Soriano:  Claroscuro, color y disciplina”  El Colombiano Medellín, March 31, 1981.

José Gómez Sicre was an Art critic and Author. He served as the founder and director of the Art Museum of the Americas by the O.A.S.