Professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Boston College

Adjunct Curator, McMullen Museum of Art

Rafael Soriano | The Artist as Mystic

“By night, he painted. And there, in the peace and solace of the night he found his light, his muse. There, in the deep of night, in the struggle, Soriano finally found his vision…From these nocturnal reflections a singular style emerged full of strange imagery, otherworldly and fantastical, embryonic forms pushing through space or floating through the universe. Heads in anguish, heads exposed, heads bewitched. Torsos. Angels. Shapes that hark back to geometrics but that come alive, twisting and turning around the crevices of Soriano’s brain.”

Elizabeth Goizueta curated the exhibition, Rafael Soriano | The Artist as Mystic.

“The Heart That Lights from Inside: Rafael Soriano’s Struggle for His Artistic Vision,” Rafael Soriano | The Artist as Mystic, (Chestnut Hill, MA: The McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, 2017), 28.