Ph.D., Professor, Chairperson, Art History at Boston College

Rafael Soriano | The Artist as Mystic

“Artists of numerous backgrounds and persuasions, then, whether exiles or not, have created art whose formal and philosophical concerns intersect closely with Soriano’s…These connections also suggest more importantly, that, although Soriano’s art endeavors to transcribe the condition of exile, it also transcribes far more than that.  If some interpretations of the self recently articulated in contemporary psychology, and cited in this essay, have it right, he fashioned an even richer and more profound analog to the human condition than he ever suspected.”

Claude Cernuschi, Ph.D.

“Fragmented Body and Fragmented Self: The Theme of Exile in the Neo-Surrealist Works of Rafael Soriano,” Rafael Soriano | The Artist as Mystic, (Chestnut Hill, MA:  The McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, 2017), 69.